Runny Nose Animation


Hey, do you also have the feeling that a runny nose has been with you for weeks and seems to be running 24/7? Don’t worry, we have the solution to your problem!

With our brand new diary app “Snotty Nose” (*) you can not only keep track of your runny nose, but also understand it so much better. You can track your daily sniffle attacks and see when you’re most prone to them. All data can be easily synced with the Apple Health app as an option.


You can track your progress and see how your runny nose improves over time. You'll feel like a new person! Ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but hey... that's a blurb.

Apple Health

Easy to connect to Apple Health and export all of the data. The connection can be terminated at any time.

Different symptom levels

We are very compliant with Apple and support all possible features of the Health app. So we also offer the possibility to record the symptoms in different levels.

More coming soon!

With the current version 1.0, we are leading the market of snotty nose apps. With version 1.1 we will add more cool features that will emphasize our uniqueness.

How you can join the "Runny Nose Club"

Download The App

Currently only for Apple smartphones, we are working on an Android version already.

Start the App

Connect with Apple Health and record the times when the nose runs.

Use the data

When you visit your doctor, an overview of the severity and frequency of your runny nose can be helpful.

we have adapted the app name to some countries.

You can find all the names we used here on the right.

Mr Sniffles for the US and Thai Store
Runny Nose  UK and Canadian Store
Rotznase – German Store 
鼻涕虫 – (Snutty Nose Tracker) – Chinese Store
Snottenæse – Danish Store
Räkäinen nenä – Finish 
Nez morveux – French and Canadian Store
Μυξιάρικη μύτη – Greek Store
Naso pieno di moccio – Italian Store 
鼻水が出る – Japanese Store 
snotneuzen – Dutch Store 
Zasmarkany Nos – Polski Store 
Nariz ranhoso – Portugal and Brazil Store
Snorig näsa – Swedish Store 
Mocosa – Spanish and Mexican Store 
Sümüklü burun – Turkey Store



So, don't wait any longer and download "Snotty Nose" now. With this app you will take back control of your runny nose and time all the symptoms.
Download Mr Sniffles today!